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Nutritional Services 

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Nutritional Counseling 

Available 1:1, couple and family counseling

In-person or telehealth options available


The initial assessment runs about 90 minutes to tailor a plan to meet your needs. We'll work together to identify and address the root cause of your symptoms and to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you find energy, confidence and joy in your daily life. All initial assessments include the following:

  • Comprehensive diet and medical history intake

  • Understanding of your current and past symptoms 

  • Personal dietary and lifestyle habits

  • Bloodwork testing if applicable

  • Natural supplement protocols as needed


Taking all factors into consideration, we’ll develop the best possible plan for you to meet your desired goals.


Follow-up sessions last about 45 minutes each, and are focused on maintaining accountability and long-term success. We’ll make adjustments together as the need arises.

During these sessions, we will focus on sustainable goals through:​

  • Lifestyle habits and support

  • Mind-body awareness 

  • Personalized meal plans and recipe development 

  • Targeted supplements as needed

  • 24/7 support from myself

If you are concerned with:

  • Fatigue and want to decrease stress levels

  • Migraine headaches and want to stop missing important events

  • Improving your mood and reducing digestive symptoms

  • Disordered eating patterns and want to create a healthier relationship around food for yourself and for your family 

Then do not hesitate! These are my specialties and I am confident we can make improvements together!

Weight Management
Couple Nutrition
Chronic Disease
Balanc Hormones
Chronic Disease

Together, we will plan a diet that may improve health or reduce the symptoms of certain diseases. Such as heart health, diabetic, anti-inflammatory or celiac disease.

Mindful-Based Eating Techniques

Develop a healthier relationship with food and start managing your weight for life! We will dive deep into lifestyle modification strategies that will help develop mindful eating techniques to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Family Nutrition Counseling

You and your family’s optimal health and wellness is achieved when you understand the challenges and create a solution tailored specifically to your particular circumstances. Through an integrative approach, I give you the tools to implement an effective plan that you feel comfortable with. 


Insurance Accepted

Horizon BCBS

Omnia BCBS

Anthem BCBS



United Healthcare



  Packages for Those Without Insurance

Breaking habits are hard! Its encouraged to give yourself optimal time to allow new habits and dietary patterns to form. Initial Package:

  • 1 initial + 7 Follow up visits = $1075

  • Maintenance Sessions: 4 follow-up = $500.00

All packages include: personalized follow-up sessions, accountability tracking, access to the “Healthie” app where you will have access to personalized goals, recipes, meal plans, journaling equipment for accountability and 24/7 chat support with Laura. 

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